Large Scale Solutions

Let's talk about municipal solutions and infrastructure, it seems kind of complicated and not easy to explain, but in Lehman Pipe we make it easy for you; we handle a large range of pipe and fittings in various diameters and materials for domestic services, drainage, sewage ,waste water treatment ,roads etc. We have HDPE piping, PVC, Corrugated HDPE, Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings, Cast Iron and PVC C900 Pipe just to name a few, these are all part of our solutions.

You want it, you got it, not only competitively priced, but an efficient costing structure that allows our prices to be attractive for any project, without forgoing the quality. Where you want it to be, where you need it to be, it will always be within our reach. No matter what solution you require, we have it for all new construction as well as repairs.

Please contact your nearest salesman to offer you the insight and training for all of our products.