One of the many strengths of Lehman Pipe is our enormous amount of inventory and our 2+ acre pipe yard.  In order to supply to the various industries and the numerous specifications we believe it necessary to stock many different types of pipe in a variety of sizes.  Our inventory has afforded our customers the luxury of daily pickups and or deliveries with very limited backorders.

Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel PipeCarbon Steel Pipe is the most common pipe used for HVAC, Steam, Fire Protection, Plumbing and the majority of other pressure applications.  See our stock below of both import and domestic pipe.

1/8” – 4” Black Schedule 80 PE
¼” – 4” Black Schedule 40 T&C and PE
½” – 6” Black Schedule 10 G x G
2” – 12” Black Schedule 40 Plain End ERW

For the pipe we don’t stock, we have our strategic partners that can provide us with the all of the different schedules and grades that you require. 

Galvanized Steel Pipe
Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe is primarily used for gas, hot and cold water applications.  It is often times used in lieu of black steel pipe in corrosive applications where you would need to worry about oxidation.  Galvanized Pipe is most often put together with threaded connections.  We have an ample stock of 1/8” – 6” domestic threaded pipe.

Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel PipeStainless steel pipe is used for a variety of different applications.  Stainless Steel Pipe is most often used in areas of high corrosion, high temperature and volatile mediums such as Hospitals, Lab’s and Food Processing Facilities.  It can also be used for hot and cold applications alike.  We stock it and have it readily available in type 316L.

Copper Pipe and Tube

Copper Pipe and TubeCopper Pipe and Tube is mainly used in plumbing and refrigeration applications.  With its corrosive resistant properties Copper remains the standard specified item in the majority of domestic water applications.  We stock in house ½” – 8” K, L, M and DWV Copper in full 20ft lengths.  We also have ¼” – 4” K Cleaned and Capped and 3/8” OD – 4-1/8” OD ACR readily available.  Aside from the hard copper pipe we also stock 1/8” OD to 2” ID soft copper tube in 50, 60 or 100ft coils depending on the type. 

PVC Pipe
PVC Pipe is most often used in water applications.  Depending on the application, it can be a less expensive alternative to both steel and copper pipe.  There are numerous classes and types of PVC Pipe and we stock and have readily available Schedule 40 PE and BOE, Schedule 80, Class 160, Class 200, C-900 and much more.

CPVC PipeCPVC Pipe is a unique type of Plastic Pipe designed for specific applications and is primarily used in hot water systems.  CPVC is most often used in lieu of copper.  We keep in inventory ½” – 2” CPVC CTS Pipe, ½” -12” CPVC Schedule 80 Pipe and ¾” – 3” CPVC Blazemaster (for your fire-protection needs).

Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Cast Iron Soil Pipe is used for non-pressure such as drainage applications.  We stock Cast Iron Pipe from 1-1/2” – 15” and in 10ft lengths.  The pipe is available in NH (no-hub) and SV (service weight). 


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